Epicene (ft. Umbilica)

by Grawl!x

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A song about gender.

Jo Lewis (Umbilica): “The lyrics spoke to me about the limitations of societal gender roles and the ways we’re conditioned, throughout our lives but particularly in childhood, to fit one of two shapes – as if that’s all there is to gender identity - and how restrictive it can feel if you don’t naturally happen to match these narrow definitions of gender.”

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released July 19, 2019

Released by Reckless Yes

Music by Grawl!x
Lyrics by Grawl!x & Umbilica
Recorded @Snug Recording Co.
Mastered by 3345 Mastering
Mixed by Paul Gregory


all rights reserved



Grawl!x England, UK


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Track Name: Epicene
Owt I can do to get close to you
Watch a beautiful entity split into two
We are not so very different, you & I
Describe why X & Y mean the opposite
Goldilocks conditioned role play before we die

Perseus, Lynceus, fickle Icarus
Perseus, Lynceus, fickle Icarus

Dirt genes thrust out of a vessel
In the name of a father/ yr daughter
All potential
Done up
Whether or not we are one or the othering
A brother, a mother
Sisters ‘fore misters
While everything else makes me feel so small

Man up/Hysterics
Engendered genetics insist on this big pissing contest
Born to be condemned to masculine/feminine
What then descends into division myths

What’s done can’t be undone
Someone, social or biological?
They’re as different from me as I want them to be
I.D: Epicene

Animus & Anima
Accept effortlessly
Mainly, the fear of castration
Just wanted a big hug from my love ya big lug
Watch us fluctuate
I turned to Daddy-less who just shrugged

Man up/Hysterics
Engendered genetics insist on this big pissing contest
Born to be condemned to masculine/feminine
What then descends into division myths

Wish I could understand me sadness irrespective of X & Ys as different from me as we want it to be
ID recedes neath the belief in hierarchy
Yesir! Epicene!

Our relief
Don’t leave
Track Name: In Disarray
Feedback loops

Even as we speak
Depleted skin
As mad benefits
Pick up falling bits
In premature rigor mortis
In bliss

A smog of fireflies
Damp lantern, wood path
The only thing that’s stopping me is you

Deteriorate, propped up
Cannot wait
Reiterate, cannot stop any of the falling

Can’t stop any of the good days & bad days
I see the decay in everything cos I’m decaying
One thing: you are life, as I am in death
No sense of humour left
Dressed in salt & disco
No, don’t
Nobody knows what they do not know

I can feel me sen rotting
Ever on the brink of sinking
I’m thinking, I’m thinking
Living is a litany of loose threads

Would you mind if I took you to one side?

In disarray, I got a plan
(The devil in my way)
& pleading at you
Knowing that there is nowt you can do
Knowing you’re helping me out
There ain’t no stopping it now

In love & decay
Look back; decay

My cranium laying in yer lap
Saunter off to some non-existent plain
Flattery acid
Wander through swollen smoke
When I think of you, do you think of me too?

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